by Craig Coussins

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Bath England 2003

Joy of Bonsai in Bath England 1st and 2nd of March 2003.
I was one one of the demonstrators at this prestigious event for the real Bonsai enthusiasts. My demo piece was a large collected 400 year old Yamadori Pine  from the Dolomites.
                         400 year old Yamadori Mugho Pine from Italy
Apex was created from the lump by careful carving emulating the rest of the trees Shari. March 2003.

I thought that the tree would be nicer more upright at this stage. I panted the tree in a large training pot with internal scaffolding to support the tree.

                                    three months later June 2003 the foliage is
                                    filling in and next year the next shaping will
                                    take place to form the pads in a more relevant
                                    style. This styling was to reduce the apex and
                                    rough shape the one branch into three pads. Svetlana, my wife, shows the size of the piece.

In February 2004 I was unhappy with the image of the branch hanging down and despite trying to work out alternatives could not come up with a solution in its present form. I decided to reset the tree in a slanted position as the roots were better placed in that position. The foliage is thickening up and the tree is  less unstable in this new position. The branch looks a lot better now. Actually pretty near to the original position but slightly higher on one side. It will stay in this pot for three more years before any repotting is done. Foliage will be worked on and vigour maintained and developed.