Building Websites

Craig Coussins has been building Web sites for nearly twenty years. Here some examples of what he can build for you

Hullachan Pro North America is a very large commercial site as is  
Hullachan Pro Europe

Bonsai Information Web Site

The following are smaller commercial sites

Wardrobe Doctor

Piano Player

Fosters In Car Solutions

Clydecraft Boat Repairs

Freeman Cruiser


Recital Songs For Kids

Singing Bowls

Websites for Musicians

KWire is a Business selling copper wire for Bonsai training

'Pots for Bonsai' They sell pots, tables for display, teapots, stone lanterns and many other art objects from China.


  How Much?

If you would like a great new low cost Web site built, contact me here-

bullet Prices range between $400 -250 and $600-400 for up to six pages.
bulletBeyond that the average cost is $75-50 per page.
bulletDomains names, Email and hosting can be organised economically. Domains are $20-40 for two years including email forwarding to an existing email address. Hosting can be as little as $35-$60 per year.
bulletLarger commercial sites such as ''or '' can be created for under $1500-1000
bulletVery large sites such as or, which average out to $3-5 thousand, can be discussed.

Email me.
bulletAll things being equal I can get your site up and running in less than a week.


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