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I hope you like these images of my family. We are very close and on these pages. I will place some more images of  my family my friends, cities and interesting places will be put on the very extensive History page. This is a personal view of China through my eyes and contains many references to my family and friends living in this wondrous and sometimes mysterious land.

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  My son with a Teapot made in our kilns  

My wife and I with my 82 year old mother in a photograph taken in May 2006


My son visits the Tomb of Confucius
My son visited the tomb of Confucius in Qufu, Shandong
 Province.  Confucius was China's great educator 2,500
 years ago and was a pioneer of Chinese culture.  The
 tomb was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.  It
 was renovated after the Cultural Revolution.


This photo was taken at the 100th birthday party of Madam Chen Jing, mother of Professor Liu Xujie who is a close friend of mine.

Mr. Liu Dunzhen, husband of Madam Chen, was China's most famous expert on ancient architecture.  He died of persecution during the Cultural Revolution.  Madam Chen herself graduated from Hunan University.  She was a classmate of Yang Kaihui, Mao Zedong's wife.  Madam Chen is a devout Christian and is still very healthy at such an age.

I'm on the right of the photo.  On the left is my good  friend, the grandson of Qian Baocong.  Qian is one of
 the best mathematics historians and studied in England  in his early years.  Qian excelled in the study of
 mathematics and astrology.  Qian and Liu were good friends and both contributed enormously to China's
 scientific development.  Qian also died during the Cultural Revolution.

Here some images from my mother's 80 years birthday in June 2004. We had a lovely banquet and all our family arrived to wish her a long and happy life.


With Craig and friends in Nanjing 2007

Visit to Yellow Mountain -Huan shan and city with Craig
At our potteries in Yixing

With the Puntsai master in Suzhou

 Personal area for my friends and family
I My family Tree in Chinese I My
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