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Hello. My name is Frank Xu (Xu Shu Zheng) and I have been selling wonderful pots for Bonsai and Penjing for many years. I am the director of one of the largest and most exciting pot factories in China and we have been making and exporting Bonsai and Penjing Pots for a long time. We work closely with a number of associated factories and supply a wide range of products for Bonsai, Penjing, Garden and the home.

 In these pages I would like to show you what we do. 
The divisions of my company include Bonsai Pots, table ware, display stands-Daiza, Suiseki, granite Stone Lanterns in Chinese and Japanese styles, Bamboo Fencing in Japanese styles and designs and other goods and accessories manufactured in the Nanjing region and throughout China.

We are now introducing wonderful hand made furniture
from Traditional Chinese Crafts people. Email me for details
by clicking this paragraph


Japanese Fence and bamboo wall designs.

There is probably no larger range of styles available other than through my company

. This is a picture of the famous Chinese Tea Pot Maker Mr.Cai Yu Qiang

We supply many wonderful examples of Porcelain vases like this Baluster Vase to design and furniture stores around the world. Please ask for further information on styles that we producing now. We also make commercial orders as requested.
The range of styles and sizes in solid carved granite lanterns and stone ware for gardens is enormous and we make for most of the major outlets world wide. We have recently started to offer a range of water basins on all the traditional styles. Just ask me what it is that you would like.
We have created miniature figures for landscape planting and we have many examples of these now available I have recently built up a large collection of Scholars and viewing Stones, Suiseki, from around China. These exceptional stones are on hand carved Daizas and offer you the opportunity to buy museum quality Stones at  prices that range from $350 to $3500. Some of these excellent stones will soon be available in the UK from Craig Coussins. Go to our new Stones Page.
Miniature Buddha's have been very popular in Japan and now ion China. We are selling these now into North America and Europe

In China, the main production of unglazed pot and the glazed pot or kama (a Japanese word that means glazed earthen basin) are only produced in the town of Dingshu, China. In our country this is a very famous town placed in Yixing city of the Jiangsu province. Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu.

In our factory we have pots covering three levels of price and quality.

  A new museum has opened in Tong Li the beautiful water city near Suzhou. Go to the Family Page We also supply primitive pots through our associate factory who use a Dragon Kiln to fire these pots in the ancient traditional way.

Testimonial: I received the delivery of 46 outsize Pots and was very pleased that these arrived in excellent condition without breakages. That's from China to the UK ,half way around the globe. Well done Frank. Best wishes, Craig Coussins.

I have been an international businessman for a number of years
representing the factories in this and other regions of China. Craig Coussins. the international Bonsai teacher and authority on ancient Chinese Pots and Suiseki, has been so happy with the pots, Bonsai Tables and Scholars Stones-Gongshi that we have sent him that he has given us his unreserved thanks for excellent quality, product range and service. To confirm this testimonial Mr Coussins welcomes questions directly to him here:

I have earned a high reputation as a Jiangsu businessman for over 20 years.
I am familiar with many factories and producers of bonsai pots, tools, tables and many other Chinese traditional items and accessories in China and look forward to developing trade relationships with dealers around the world.

Companies that we deal with:
We primarily deal with Commercial businesses such as Bonsai Nurseries, trade and wholesale accounts, new business and established dealers and  Gardening outlets. We can deal with  Bonsai and Penjing Clubs, Associations, etc as long as they can meet our reasonable minimum orders. Of course the more you buy the less expensive the costs will be in postages. Please Email me for further order and pricing Information. Please quote from examples on these pages.
Individuals Mail Order,  We are happy to sell collectors items such as the Scholars and viewing Stones.


Top quality pots are all hand made and follow the tradition of
the wonderful ancient Chinese Bonsai and Penjing pots so loved by
modern collectors.


We have a mid range of pots that are popular at the medium to
high end of the market


and then we have the popular range of pots sold in nurseries and
Bonsai stores world wide for the beginner to intermediate.


We can email you extracts from our catalogue and offer you the
relative prices when you have had a look at what we do.

                                                                With my colleagues at our various production units

           Email me

 My office address is:  Mr. Xu Shu Zheng:  Room 401 No.14, Zhu Qiao Street,  Xiao Ying District, Nanjing, China.


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Personal area for my friends and family I My family Tree in Chinese I My Biography I My Family

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