Singing Bowls for sale These range from 100 for a small bowl to 1000


Small bowls between 100 and 150-a lot depends on both tone and rarity of shape

Large Tibet Bowls with incredible low and very long tone 1000 each.
These are very old bowls in excess of 200 years and probably more.

Made from 5 metals I bought one from the Sotheby's Tibetan sale nearly
25 years ago and the other at the same time from a collector of Buddhist artefacts.

Negative tone bowls for balancing between good and bad thoughts in meditation-
playing a positive tone bowl with good thoughts 175 each

and then a negative bowl with bad thoughts and alternating -allowing the sound to
fade between gently beating the side of the bowl until you only play the positive tone
bowl which washes the negative thoughts out. Creates a very deep relaxation

    A large bowl with a good tone 250

A small travelling bowl for Meditation and food bought from a Tibetan Monk 100

click for bigger pictures than shown below.

Large very old bowl with very nice gentle tone that lasts. 11 inches across 400


Superb bowl -very large with a wonderful long low tone. 600


Native American Flutes

Ancient Bogwood from New Zealand. These  flutes  have been made in carbon dated wood to 50 thousand years old.

Specially created for Craig Coussins TO COME SOON



Cedar Wood Flutes by High Spirits Flutes

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