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Craig Coussins


Welcome to Bonsai Information, the website with something a bit more than just Bonsai

Shishi Gashira -Lions Head maple on its own root stock planted as a cutting in 1971 by Ken Shalliker-UK
Planted in 19th Century Yoshimura Pot. Coussins collection since 2005-



Is your club considering having a teaching weekend of workshops?
Please read my t
estimonial section

Recent images of me working with Bonsai friends in Indiana, Springfield and Cincinnati
Mark Fields in Indiana is a Bonsai Master of some 42 years. I was privileged to work with Mark who organised my recent visit to the clubs in this area. His beautiful nursery contains many fine specimens and a great deal of excellent material to create and develop your own Bonsai under Marks expert tutelage Marks Website is http://www.bonsaibyfields.com Mark, who has studied with Danny Use of Gingko Bonsai in Belgium will soon be running his own Bonsai School and this will be outlined on his website shortly

Having met some wonderful Bonsai growers such as Mike Sheid, Tom McCormack and Roland Folse during my recent visit I will be creating a page to show some of their work. Please look back in August and the page will be linked from here.

See some of my Bonsai transformations here.














New : How to get from this 

To this in a couple of hours

Recent styling by Craig Coussins-Hinoki, Scots Pine, Juniper, Sequoia etc: click this line or a picture above
Craig Coussins recommends
PetFlex®  and you can see that used in some of these stylings
® is a Cohesive Bandage suitable for wrapping branches instead of Raffia.
PetFlex® does not tear bark but is so strong that while wood can be bent there is little or no chance of breaking  The Website is here: or just click this paragraph http://www.andovercoated.com/animal/cohesive.html?id=5#top

Singing Bowl /Temple Bowls pages start here with videos of Craig Coussins and Singing Bowls

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Please note that this is a personal website and not a free resource for general information
I hope that you will find that the information in my many books will cover most of your questions. Many thanks


Craig Coussins has a different view on the globe-here are some of his images and there are a few more further down the page

My recent railway trip along the West Highland Way in March 2010 Click line for the Slide show and Images

News Items:
There is a large section at the foot of this page giving you some news on the wonderful Bonsai Jewellery from the famous USA designer, Frank Mihalic. News of the British Shohin Society Book, the Best of British Bonsai Book, A new tool from Marco Ivernizzi There is also a news item of a incredible Katana from Steve Tolley

Christmas Day in Narnia (Glasgow)
covered in Snow-click this line

The old homestead in the fall:-0))

on our little beach

Winter in Tallinn-Estonia outside our wee getaway

Some images from the Craig Coussins Travel Image Bank

Click for bigger picture                     
                Global Warming

At the recent 2010 British Shohin Association show, I exhibited this composition called Global Warming. White Pine Shohin from grafts onto Black Pine Stock in 1985. Planted onto the rock in 1989 and featured in
my first book Bonsai for Beginners.. Set on a petrified Mud Rock from Ireland. The Suiban is by Alan Harriman. The sand is white marble sand from Skye. The Humpback Whale is bronze and that was set on a large Blue Agate Slice. I had a hard time finding such a large slice to represent a blue hole in a shrinking ocean. The rock is a peak rising above a sea high from melting ice caps. The small tree near the water is dead and some extremely tiny shells were scattered on the sand and the edge of the rock. The scroll is signed Japanese 19th century .The mat is 48 inches/ 130 cm long for a size comparison.

Comment from Craig Coussins:
I am not really sure if anyone 'got it' as no one mentioned the composition to me. One problem (apart from whether or not the trees were any good of course) was that while this was a Shohin show and despite these being Shohin trees, they  were on a tallish rock and the height above what was , I assume, accepted as Shohin. I suppose that I was trying to open the boundaries. The arrangement was inspired from a scene I found on the west coast of France beside Monsieur Hulots Beach in Saint Marc sur Mer, a sleepy seaside resort on France's north-western coast near La Baule and Nantes. If you have read any of my books please look at 'Bonsai for Beginners' and on page 79 where you can see how I created this back in 1998

























Who am I? Please visit my testimonials pages.
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Books: 1)Bonsai for Beginners,  2)Totally Bonsai, 2)Growing Bonsai,  3)Bonsai School,4) Bonsai Masterclass and 5)The Bonsai Handbook.

Buy my books on Amazon
Craig Coussins Bonsai books
Bonsai for Beginners, Totally Bonsai, Growing Bonsai, Bonsai School, Bonsai Masterclass, The Bonsai Handbook


I hope that you enjoy my 198 page website and if so please let me know. If you find any errors please tell me.

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Garden Page My little collection

My new Scrolls pages  www.tokonomascrolls.com


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Antique Scrolls Section
Seasons Winter Fuji
Waterfalls People Marriage
Cranes Fish, Koi  & Carp Birds
Scrolls for displaying Suiseki and Stones
Bonsai-display Scrolls for Bonsai exhibition Shikishi-Scrolls with inserts-
I have a wide variety of hand painted antique ad unusual inserts for these Shkishi
Tea Ceremony Trees  Landscapes Sansui Ga
Flowers Setting Sun Vintage Screens for Bonsai Display
Animals Samurai Marriage, anniversary and love

Some notes on Japanese Scroll Painting and artwork over the last 150 years-click line
Modern Scrolls
Zen Scrolls by Craig Coussins  
Large Home and Office Scrolls
Bonsai-display Scrolls for exhibition

Stunning New Scrolls from recently formed Art group in
Northern China

(Click line)



They are all one price including Silk covered and silk lined boxes and include post. £150 /$240 however  I am offering a great deal on these scrolls.

Buy two and get one free. This
is a special deal to introduce these wonderful artists to the West. This is a wonderful way to offer a truly unique present to your family and friends


Singing Bowls,
Suiseki for sale-under construction

Herd of Cranes fly by Fuji san painted by Kishimoto in 1966

Craig Coussins Scrolls for the Tokonoma and home
My new scrolls page is being created to supply beautiful painted Scrolls for home and Tokonoma. Some of the subjects have been designed by me and then created by professional artists and art professors specialising in Chinese traditional art styles.  The paintings are then mounted onto silk by a third generation scroll maker. Some paintings are made by me here in the UK. I also have a collection of wonderful Antique Scrolls for sale that will be beautiful in your home or in your Tokonoma. These wonderful works of art which are a superb investment to give great pleasure and be appreciated by yourself and your family.

In all  Tokonoma sizes including
Shohin and Suiseki Scrolls and from
very small to very large
scrolls for the home or business

































This composition is called O-IRI GOI. The line of 
these carps shape two KANJI characters "DAI" and "HAIRU" 
It's called O-IRI. This word means "Many customers will come". 
This scroll is designed to bring good fortune to your business!!

Eagle by the famous Chinese Professor of Art, Hu Ke Zhong


See the special  Scroll offer here

Cranes by Gyokusui 1920 Incredible detail on an outstanding
Antique Scroll Painting (Sold)

Antique Scrolls
Many of these scroll subjects are hand painted on silk or fine rice paper. Often, the subtle rendering of delicately painted scenes have a wonderful sense of movement.  Waterfalls can create in the Japanese artists hand a powerful image of falling water which is used in Japanese households during the summer as it seems to cool the viewer.  

Japanese painting styles have three main styles. The origin of the unique style of painting was derived from the influence of Chinese Painters until the Edo period (1603-1868) The  second was when the Japanese started to develop their own unique Japanese approach. Right through the Edo period images of landscapes, Sansui, started to appear in the various views of landscape in Japan such as the 36 views of Mount Fuji by both Hiroshige and Hokusai.  Finally the third was a more Western influence. After the Black ships of 1862 opened up Japan, Japanese artists started to see the images of great European works of art. In turn the woodblock prints found their way to Europe and artists there fell under their spell and Impressionism was founded on the simpler way of representing a landscape.

Some notes on Japanese Scroll Painting and artwork over the last 150 years-click line
Iris Scroll

Japanese painting reflects an inescapable instinct in both the delivery of a subject matter. While these can include calligraphy, Animal and fish paintings they also show bright painted courtesans, landscape, (Sansui) and Zen themes, and characters from the famous Noh and Kabuki Theatre. My favourite has to be the waterfall scenes and the scenes of Fujisan and we have a number of these for sale.

While Hokusai's Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji is the most famous ukiyoe-e series to focus on Mount Fuji, there are several other series with the same subject, including Hiroshige's Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji and Hokusai's own later series One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji is a popular subject for Japanese art due to its cultural and religious significance. This belief can be traced to the The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, where a goddess deposits the elixir of life on the peak. As Henry Smith explains, "Thus from an early time, Mt. Fuji was seen as the source of the secret of immortality, a tradition that was at the heart of Hokusai's own obsession with the mountain.

The most famous single image from the series is widely known in English as The Great Wave off Kanagawa (神奈川沖浪裏
, Kanagawa-oki nami-ura), although a more literal translation might be, "Off Kanagawa, the back (or underside) of a wave." It depicts three boats being threatened by a large wave while Mount Fuji rises in the background. While generally assumed to be a tsunami, the wave was probably intended to simply be a large ocean wave.
Craig Coussins has been student of the culture arts and crafts of Japan, China and
Korea  for over 50  years.




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Bonsai for Sale  Suiseki for sale

Please note that this is a personal website and not a free resource for general information
I hope that you will find that the information in my many books will cover most of your questions. Many thanks

Please email me if you would like a reciprocal link, Over 5000
visitors a week visit this website which has over 198 pages.

My garden June 2008-Deciduous tree section -there is now five sections. Deciduous, Conifers and evergreens,
Shohin,  and two for trees in work. You will find a link to my Garden Pages further down the page.

Life is like unto a long journey with a heavy burden. Let thy step be slow and steady, that thou stumble not.

Persuade thyself that imperfection and inconvenience are the natural lot of mortals,and there will be no room for discontent, neither for despair.

When ambitious desires arise in thy heart, recall the days
of extremity thou has passed through. Forbearance is the root of quietness and assurance forever.

Look upon the wrath of the enemy.
If thou knowest only what it is to conquer, and knowest not what it is to be defeated,
woe unto thee; it will fare ill with thee.
Find fault with thyself rather than with others

Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543-1616) was the founder of the Tokugawa bakufu of Japan, and ruled from 1600 (officially 1603) until his abdication in 1605. This was his Credo

The scroll is in the Tokugawa Collection of Craig Coussins

Here is a link to the main page

Japanese Text-You need to load Japanese fonts to read
Books by Craig Coussins.

Craig Coussins has been teaching Bonsai since 1976. He had two great masters as his teachers and is grateful to them for their insight and their knowledge and has always recognised their help.. Craig has recently slowed down his own  teaching though the inevitable passage of time but has written a number of books based on his own considerable teaching experience and the outstanding teaching of many of Craig's friends,  other masters all over the world. Craig's books are filled with excellent photographs.
Books: 1)Bonsai for Beginners,  2)Totally Bonsai, 2)Growing Bonsai,  3)Bonsai School,4) Bonsai Masterclass and 5)The Bonsai Handbook.
All books available from the better Bonsai retailers and from Online Book companies such as Amazon




Craig Coussins  Photography

Please have a look at some more of my images here

And my new Landscape pages here

Yellow Mountain Huangshan Anhui  China

Chinese Landscapes -soon


Ketchikan Alaska

Stornaway, Lewis and Harris-images to come soon
The Isles of Harris and Lewis: My wife and I spent 4 days in February on this outer Hebridean islands chain. One of the most beautiful places on earth. The stunning cliffscapes and mountains seas crashing some 30 metres high onto the cliffs of Port Ness at the top of Lewis and the incredible Golden Road of Harris which takes you around the many islets, lochens, mountains and moonscapes of this very beautiful island.. And then there is the Standing Stones of Clannais near Stornaway. The most wonderful place filled with ancient stones in a spectacular setting.. Oh and then there is the finest Black Pudding, Boudin Noir, Morcilla, or whatever you want to call it. Stornaway makes the best in the world. Of course you have heard of Harris Tweed. Anyway, there are some quite amazing images that will soon arrive on the website for the interest of my friends. We were blessed with a snow storm on one day , sleet, rain, hail and snow on another and finally two glorious days of sunshine


New Page on Japanese Gardens


Craig's Landscapes from around the globe-new page being developed.


Fishing Hut on the Baltic Sea: Tallinn Estonia

Les Chefs, La Cour Talensac, (marché) Nantes 2009

Cafe des Federations Bouchon-Lyon-

On my 60th Birthday we spent a long weekend in Lyon,
The gastro capital of France. Superb food and great folk.
Click for bigger Pix

Central Park Manhattan New York 2003  'what's the horsey looking at Mom?'


New page on Japan




Craig in his national costume




My other hobby is playing wind instruments and I particularly like Native American Flutes

Craig in his Music Room, Flute, Sax, Clarinet, Didge and Singing Bowls




Kunio Kobayashi and Craig Coussins, Tokyo
Mr Kobayashi's Bonsai and Tokonoma displays are featured in Craigs book, Bonsai Masterclass

Craig with the late Saburo Kato at his home in Mansi-en

The chairman of Japan Bonsai Association, at his Mansei-en Bonsai garden in Bonsai Village Omiya, Saitama Prefecture with a copy of  Craig's new Book Bonsai Masterclass exchanged for a copy of the Mansei-en Book - Always happy memories of the Kato family and their great friendship and kindness.
Craig first worked with Saburo's son Hatsuji Kato at the inaugural Russian Bonsai Convention in 1992 which Craig helped to organise. Craig was a regular teacher to the Moscow Bonsai Club which was under the direction of Tamara Belousova

















During Early 2008, my friend, Yumiko Hirohama from Nara came to visit me with her mum. Yumiko is a teacher in Kyoto and a student of Buddhist architecture and Japanese Roofing Tiles. Yumiko has been my guide in Nara in 2006 and 2007. Yumiko is standing front of some of my Yamadori. Big John is on her left

Here is her page 

Isle of Harris, February 2009


The Best of British Bonsai 2009

The UK held the first major exhibition of the best trees in the UK. Called the Best Bonsai in Britain 2009 a selection committee scoured the UK for Bonsai that were considered good enough to be exhibited in this event. Only the best trees were allowed to be shown and a book is to be made of the Bonsai that were on show.

These were my own entries. These particular Bonsai were entirely grown in the UK and developed from raw material. They were originally featured in my first book
Bonsai for Beginners. The larch is in Study 22 Larch group five trees and the Scots Pine is Study 7 Literati.

If you have this book its nice to compare the development leading up to this show.

Click for big pic


Big John: John Yoshio Naka first came to the UK for a Tour in 1984. Craig filmed the entire tour with a Video company and then Craig spent 10 weeks editing each of the four hours into one hour films. Originally sold back in the 1980's the Videos sales soon collapsed because of wholesale copying by clubs, societies and other people. Theft in other words. the money that FoBBS  was supposed to get was quickly diluted by these individuals. These films are now being presented as DVDs and will be sold to aid Federation of British Bonsai Society Funds. With some hi Tec marking we will hopefully be able to reduce this kind of Piracy theft. One venue, Edinburgh was never shown before and this will form part of the DVD set.. During 1984 Naka san visited Edinburgh where Craig hosted him for workshops as well s the demo. Naka san worked on this Scots pine and this was named after him and called , 'Big John'. From there on in Peter Adams and Craig (shown here) worked on the tree until  1999. A story page will soon be on this website of its development. Big John is one of the most famous trees in the UK because of its connection with the late John Yoshio Naka. The hanging branch is getting too heavy now so Steve Tolley suggested a design correction and based on that I restyled the lower section and Peter Fole helped me to redefine the present shape early in 2009. The suggestion from Steve was that the hanging section would look better by removing excess foliage and defining the angle of the cascade.
October 2008      March 2009 The new scroll is of two Cranes in the sunset-this last pictrue was taken at the  BBB09 show in March 09

Pic 1 is with Peter Adams after we styled the lower branch in 1990. Pic 2 is with John Naka  in 1984 during the first styling. In the last 20 years over 80% of the foliage has been removed and re-grown to the present shape.


Peter Foele Bonsai Services
Featured site today is Alba Bonsai in Scotland
A student of Danny Use of Gingko and the Kawabe School of Bonsai, Peter was assistant to Danny for some time before coming to the UK.

Peter Foele now lives in Scotland and maintains some collections including helping me with my own.

Trade Only:Pots,Lanterns etc
-Click anywhere

Bonsai Pots and Accessories from China-Please note that we are manufacturers and not agents. We are happy to work with buying groups for nurseries or clubs.
www.potsforbonsai.com The worlds leading wholesale manufacturer of Bonsai Pots, Bamboo fence designs, Granite Lanterns, Bonsai Tables, Mini Buildings for Penjing and teapots and ceramics. Now added a superb range of Modern furniture and Period Furniture  Fantastic information on China and Chinese culture.

The owners fascinating biography


Featured Site is Craig's business site Hullachan.
Hullachan is one of the worlds leading brands
for Irish and Scottish Dance Shoes






Craig has been a dance shoe maker for over 45 years

The picture below was taken in the Yellow Mountains, Huang Shan in Anhui Province, China. This mountain has 76 peaks and much is accessed by the many pathways of the incredible stone steps built into the sides of the mountain. Yes you need to be fit to get around but with images such as this it is well worth it. I visited Huang Shan in March but I need to try and get back there in December to see the peaks covered in snow.
You have to get up before dawn at around 5.30 am to see the light come up and the sea of clouds below you. There are five hotels built on the various peaks and at dawn you can stand above the clouds. A magical place which is why it is popular with newly married couples. You can see the thousands of small padlocks on the fence chains where the couple lock the padlock and then throw the keys into the gorges, and like the lock, their love for each other will never to be broken.

Rob and Craigs Celtis group

On my first Bonsai visit to South Africa I needed to find material for my demo at the convention. Rob was kind enough to let me use some raw material from his large Yamadori collection . I chose Celtis Africana or White Stinkwood which allowed me to prune and do some basic styling  quickly. Rob and some of the East Rand guys helped me prepare the trees fro transplanting and we spent a day getting the Material ready. On the big day I was on the stage and explained that I was going to make a group. Some of the audience started whispering while others looked on in disbelief. The stage was empty except for a table on which there was a tiny pot with three tiny trees no more that 8 inches tall. I looked at the audience and then the material , made the three tree group  while all the time keeping a very straight face. When completed five minutes later I exploded with anger saying 'was this all South Africa could offer a visiting teacher?' Then I threw the tiny group into the side of the stage. The audience was either amused or horrified as after all, they did not know how I was going to react with this demo material. Then Rob and his team came on stage with a six foot long pot and these enormous trees. The audience were delighted with the joke and we had what was a four hour demo. Here are the results. It was really all down to Rob who made that demo possible.


Knowing that Rob was so highly respected as a teacher I asked him to be in my recent book where I included some of Rob’s superb work. It was through Rob’s contacts that this book also showed some of the amazing and international quality of the Bonsai of South African artists. As a fan of South African Bonsai and these artists I was happy to know that Rob himself is also now known to the rest of the worldwide community of Bonsai artists and enthusiasts. The recent article in Bonsai Clubs International was a welcome read at so important a time.

In memoriam:Rob Clausen, South Africa  A Bonsai legacy

Rob may have passed on but the memories that he has left us all will be treasured. He has left a legacy of knowledge, kindness and these will be appreciated by everyone who knew him and loved him.





Because he illuminated our life we should not be here to praise the ashes of the departed but to preserve his fire through the joyous memory of the man himself and that we will always be able to say, 'Rob Clausen, I knew him well'.



Styling some bonsai in July 2009 to come in August


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My logo is of a Trident I worked on for a number of years after getting
it from Peter Adams in 1980 and which we called the Slug because when
without leaves the bonsai looked like a rearing slug. At the time we were
poking fun at growers who labelled , sometimes mediocre, bonsai with
grandiose names such as 'Crane Flying through Bamboo' etc.
The Slug was featured in my first book, Bonsai for Beginners. I sold this
tree in 1989. I had the opportunity to get it back from a friend during 2005
and so it finally comes home. I will be restoring this wonderful trees
ramification over the next three years and will feature that on this website.


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Unique Japanese Katana for sale
from Bonsai Master Steve Tolleyclick to contact

Fully Mounted Shinsakuto by Sadanori one of the most important sword makers in Japan today.

The sword is signed: Un shu ju Sadanori saku koreThe ura is signed: Showa 59 nen 6 gatsu hi ( June 1984) £4500


See the special  Scroll offer here



Four great news items
that you should see

When buying please mention you were directed from Craig Coussins
website so that we know how you found out about these items

1: Best of British Bonsai 2009 New Exhibition Book

ITS NOW RUNNING OUT: The book of the best of British Bonsai is almost sold out
Exceptional bonsai from the best of the British bonsai artists. Every tree was photographed by Paul Goff who, along with Serge Clemence and Marc Noelanders formed the team of judges for this event held during the early part of 2009 in Birmingham UK.. Not an annual event this is your chance to secure one of the limited edition copies of the historical exhibition of outstanding Bonsai.

The book costs £15 plus postage of £2.50, £17.50 
Send a check (UK) PayPal or for outside the UK PayPal or send an International Money order for £21.25 to
The Woodlands, New Hall Drive, Sutton Coldfield.B76 1QX  
britishbonsai09@yahoo.com  Credit Cards only through PayPal  Additional Options
Our Paypal email address is britishbonsai09@yahoo.com 
A message of appreciation from the organisers,
Malcolm and Kath Hughes  http://www.
bestofbritishbonsai.co.uk   and from March http://www.bbb2011.com

Costs inc postal charges for UK and outside UK through Paypal

  Our postage charges for multiple purchases and overseas postages within the window.
Errata on page 38.  Lonicera Nitida by Gary Stacey and not Lonicira morowii as listed

The Best of British Bonsai 2011 Temporary Website is here

2:British Shohin Association Show Book 2009
The first ever book to be published of a UK bonsai exhibition is now available!
This professionally designed and printed full colour book features all of the
shohin, chuhin and mame bonsai from the 4th British Shohin Association Exhibition held at Willowbog Bonsai in 2009. This excellent book captures the quality and beauty of the displayed trees and is a must-have addition to your bonsai book collection Here is the buying link:


to go straight to the PayPal buy it now page

When buying please mention you were directed from Craig Coussins website
Payments can be made through PayPal, by e-mail to info@willowbog-bonsai.co.uk or by cheque, made payable to the 'BSA' - please send cheques to: Willowbog Farm, Wark, Hexham, Northumberland, NE48 3EF.When buying please mention you were directed from Craig Coussins website so that we know

There are a few left for this unique Shohin Show. Some of the very best Shohin are beautifully photographed by Paul Goff in this excellent addition to your Bonsai Library

3: Bonsai Jewellery from Frank Mihalic

Pins Pendants and Brooches in Silver, Gold and Gold Plated Pewter

Ring created for Craig Coussins-this design is now available in Silver or Gold
Hand made rings for ladies and gentlemen, Pendants, Earrings, Pins and Brooches
www.frankscustomjewerly.com    or www.franksbonsaijewelry.com


4: ICHIBAN Bonsai Tool designed by Marco Ivernizzi
made by Masakuni 

At last, someone has looked at the issue we all have of carrying around a number of tools , changing the tool for different jobs and , if like myself and Marco we are travelling all the time teaching around the globe, the excess weight factor is really becoming a great problem. One tool that does 7 different jobs? How can that be you ask.  Well for the price of three normal Masakuni tools you now get one tool that does the job of seven tools. If you are serious about your art and truly understand that the right tool for the job is an important maxim in our art, then whatever the price, its not high enough to answer the questions that some of us have been unable to ask until now. When you can spend 3, 4, 5 and 10 times this amount on a bit of good material, well then, does it not make more sense to invest in this wonderful new addition to our armoury? That is what buying the Ichiban tool is, your best investment. Sold direct from Marco or through key dedicated Bonsai professional's and Bonsai Nurseries.
What does Ichiban mean? Ichiban is a an amalgamation of Number One / Numero Uno, which in Japanese and Italian simply means  very good: 番い ICHIBAN 番 - number one い - good it is also simplified by this Ichi Meaning One, and Ban Meaning Number but together meaning Number One or the Best.

Rob Kempinski has this to say about the ICHIBAN. Click the line below
Ichiban, Italian Design with Japanese Engineering
Contact Marco here:

When buying please mention you were directed from Craig Coussins website so that we know how you found out about this wonderful new Bonsai Tool