kiku ishi (Chrysanthemum stone) kiku ishi stones were first discovered in Japan in the late 1800's in Neodani Gifu prefecture. The site has now been declared of national importance in Japan and further mining of these stones is no longer permitted , which has made the Japanese source of these stones now very rare.  This stone does not have the same defined flower pattern as the other Kiku stones I have for sale so is slightly less desirable - although still a very fine example of a rare stone. I estimate this stone dates from post 1950 Height 148mm Width 88mm Depth 71mm Very large weighs 1.335kg

600 / $950

A rare 11.3kg Japanese apricot 
blossom stone ( fossil sea lilly) with a hand made high quality display 
Height 40cm /16inches Width 27cm/ 11 inches Depth 11cm /4.5 inches

1200 / $1800

This is an amazing Kikaseki. Beautiful flowers and excellent form  20x19.5 cms ( 7.5x7.25 inches)  650 ($900)
  A superb Ki001kikasekikaseki Biseki Doha -with ledge. This very large stone is 19x17 cm (7.75x7 inches
Beautifully polished to bring out the best of the Kikaseki. This is an old collected stone from a Japanese collection dating back over 60 years It comes with original box.