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Man Lung Penjing

a "must buy" says Craig Coussins


Another new book by a Penjing Master is also available from the Manlung Web site. Written by  K. M. Wong the book is called Nature in Miniature.



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Mr. Wu Yee-Sun, has now reached an advanced age, and has been in need of medical care in the hospital constantly and can no longer cultivate the penjing, or enjoy the relaxed and enriching life of garden planting. It is regretful that without his personal care and trimming, his artworks are losing gradually their characteristics and distinct features.

Nevertheless, every artwork of Mr. Wu demonstrates the joy he has shared with other penjing experts and enthusiasts. To commemorate this valuable experience with his supporters, we have collected the photo images of Mr. Wu's penjing creation to compile a full-colored, hard- covered photo collection. The collection is a witness of Mr. Wu's efforts in establishing his signature style of penjing over the last seven decades.

We have printed only 3000 copies of the photo collection and it will be on charity sale worldwide in Jan.2002. All proceeds will be donated to " Sowers Action ''except mail expenses. "SOWERS ACTION" is a charitable organization in Hong Kong working for the foundation education development program in China by volunteers. {IRD Ref: 91/3859 } You can reach their website at
Dimensions: 26.7 x 19.0 cm Pages: 240 pages hard cover photo album, including 180 pages of colorful illustrations. Text: Chinese and English Price: US $25.00 per copy (US $17 for printing plus US $8.00 for mail)

If you want this book to belong to you, please make a donation of no less than US$25 per copy to "SOWERS ACTION".

Donation: Please send Bank Draft or Money Order. Drawee bank anywhere. Please make payment payable to " Sowers Action " (attach a slip with your name & mail address)
Or international money order in US Dollars

Mail to: Sowers Action
3/F Lee Kong Commercial Building, 115 Woo Sung Street,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
P.O.Box 23302
Wanchai Post Office,
Hong Kong

*If the drawer is not in New York, or if it is a personal cheque, the collection bank in Hong Kong will charge extra handling expenses from the charitable organization so in that case please add $10 to cover these costs.

Craig Coussins states: This is a truly excellent book and superb value at any price. The book is beautifully presented in its slip cover and features Penjing that are already very famous. A must for your bookshelves.. I was honoured to include some images from this wonderful collection including [Penjing from other Chinese Artists supplied by the authors of Man Lung Penjing



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